Side Ring Knockout

Get into the boxing ring and get ready to throw some punches around. First of all you have to select your boxer and customize him down to his details. Then start the fight and you are in the ring with another felow foxer. The boxing match lasts as long as only one fighter is standing up and the other one has been knocked out. Hit your punches when you see an opening and block/dodge all the punches of your opponent. Use various types of punches like a hard punch or an uppercut to knock the opponent out of his senses and be the champion of the boxing match.

Super Slugger

Go into the baseball field and get ready to bat. You are one of the best baseball batters known around the world. So get ready to hit some nice shots with your bat and see how many homeruns you can secure. The more homeruns you hit the better you score. The pitcher will throw the ball at you and you have to figure out how to hit the ball quickly. See how many times you are able to get the ball out of the baseball stadium.

Real 3D Pool

A real like 3D pool game. This is the most realistic pool game that you will play on your computer screen. In this pool game you get to play several game modes along with some of the best 3d graphics. The crisp graphics and the real like game play with amazing physics will give you the pleasure of playing a real pool game. Time to put your shooting skills into action! Your computer opponent will play against you trying to beat you but you know who the best pool player is.

Remote Control Game

A boring game of cricket is on TV which you hate to watch. So it is kind of a boring situation right now for you. That’s when you decide to watch some nice programs on television. But you have to do it really carefully as you do not want to get caught by your dad. So get ready to change some channels and watch the programs of your choice instead of studying when your dad is in the same room and not looking at you.

Super Slugger Game
Real 3D Pool Game
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