Spider Man 2 Web Of Words

Doc Ock is destroying the city and there is only one hero who can prevent his attacks and he is spiderman. But doc ock is on top of a building and spiderman has to climb all the way up the building. To do this he has to spell words. The more words you spell the higher spidey climbs. Once spiderman reaches the top of the building he faces one on one with the evil dock.

Spider Man Dark Side

We have seen spiderman a lot of times but this is the first time that we are observing the dark side of spiderman. After coming in contact with a symbiote from outer space spiderman has changed quite a lot and we see the dark side of our favorite superhero. It is true that the symbiote makes spidey quite powerful and enables him to jump higher and riskier heights and that is what he is exactly doing right now.

The Amazing Spiderman

The amazing superhero, who is everyone’s favorite, spiderman is here. He is swinging around from building to building in the city. You must make spidey swing successfully to the end of the level. There are T-shirts on the way and you must help spiderman collect those as he swings using his web. The goal here is to reach the end of the level successfully and collect a transformers t-shirt to reach the next level.

Spider Man 2 Web of Words Game
Spider Man Dark Side Game
The Amazing Spider Man Game