Shooting Games For Kids

Springfield Snow Fight

It is winter in springfield and when it is winter it snows here. So the kids are playing in the snow and a snow fight occurs. You have to test your snow hitting skill at the local people of springfield and see how many you hit. You can hit the innocent people and have a great laugh. But there is one little naughty kid called Nelson who hits back at you with snow and so you have to watch out for him and dodge his snow attacks – almost like playing a sport!

Zombie Shooting Games


Today you are going to be in one of the more unqiue zombie shooting games. You are going to be in the shoes of a Zombie itself. Understand what it feels like to be a zombie and how everyone is scared of you and tries to get rid of you. You are in a turn based environment where you confront different people and take turns to attack at them. Attack the enemy that you choose, heal yourself or your friend and survive till the end using all your abilities and moves.

Mutant Massacre

This is your nightmare. The time is really dangerous. You seem to have ended up in an abandoned mine with a comrade who is injured. You do not know what you are up against as they look like something that you have never seen before. You are up against Mutated Monsters, and all you can do is shoot to kill and stay alive. Fight and survive against these inhuman creatures.

Thing Thing Arena 3

Customize your thing thing character in this third version of the thing thing game series. You plan to get out of the captivity where they created your and now you are seeking freedom. But for freedom you have to fight and pay the ultimate price. Are you ready to shoot and fight the powerful scientists and their creations and the army that has been protecting them?

Robot Shooting Games

Alloy Arena

Get into the advanced alloy arena where you test the skills of your robot fighter against other robot fighters. Move around in the arena killing enemies as new ones come to defeat you. Use your advanced weapons and kill all those hood ratz and other enemies. You have access to some of the most powerful weapons and you get to upgrade them as you become more powerful. Use your attack as well which is quite powerful the longer you wait. So fight and be the king of the alloy arena.

Attack Of The Puppy Bots

The town is under attack by Mojo Jojo. This time the evil genius has converted all the dogs of the town into robots and they are all attacking the city. The city will be under peril soon if they are not stopped. So the powerpuff girls are called upon in order to save the city. All the three girls Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles show up to save their city from the attacking puppy bots. So they have to attack back at those robots and destroy them and finally defeat the evil genius Mojo Jojo and put him in jail behind bars.

Iron Man Armory Assault

You are the mighty superhero iron man and there are a lot of robots running around and destroying the place. You are there to stop them all and all these nuisance robots must be stopped with your high-tech weaponery. Shoot at the targets who run around fast in the screen and hit them accurately. You need to destroy a certain number of targets before you are allowed to enter the next difficult level.

Shooting Games PC

Kilroy 2

A really awesome shooting game in 3d. The story behind this shooter is that the animals has been negatively effected by radioactivity. Now because of it, all the animals have mutated into dangerous creatures. You need to take out those monsters in the radio active areas while risking your own life of getting effected. Fire away at those dangerous creatures with your powerful weapons.

Sundown Shootout

When the sun goes down it is time for another shootout in the wild wild west. There are different shooting duels that go on here and as fatal as it is it still is fun. But this time you are shooting at the targets and not another person. So when the sign says you to draw your weapon, pick up your gun as quickly as you can and shoot the bullz eye accurately before the other person does.

Tactical Assasin

You are a dangerous assassin who is hired by different agencies and other people to take their targets out. They send you a mission briefings and then reading the instructions present in the briefings, you have to know who your target is and take them out carefully without getting detected. You make money for what you do and you use your money to buy more weapons which will enable you to become an even more efficient sniper.

Vinnies Shooting Yard 5

Vinnie is an expert shooter who has the responsibility of cleaning the city and making it free of the bad guys. So select a weapon and a place to be deployed. There you must patiently wait for the enemies and once they begin showing up, shoot at them with your weapon. Accuracy and quick reflexes will help you shoot before the enemy takes you down.

Army Shooting Games

Defense 1942

Well it is war time and you are one of the strategy builders of the war. Hordes of enemies keep on coming and you need to stop them everytime before they reach your soft spot and finally get you. So place your soldiers where they are more likely to stop the hordes. Get strong and better soldiers and fire at the incoming cavalry. Protect your territory with snipers, flamethrowers, riflemen, grenadors and many more specialized soldiers.

Desert Rifle

You are in a desert war scenario and the enemies come in swarms trying to take you down. You are just a decoy who is trying to distract the enemy so that the real mission can be done without them even knowing about it. So work hard and shoot at the incoming enemies using all the shooting skills that you got. Shoot with accuracy as your life depends upon it. As long as you survive in the hot desert you will be provided with supplies to fight the enemy.

Save the Fallen

You are the member of a team of rescue soldiers. You have been assigned a special duty to go into the warzone to bring back injured soldiers safely. You need to help them reach some medical attention so that they can survive their wounds. But for that you are going to risk your own life, taking on heavy firing and shooting.

Trech 2

Move your Trech around the city filled with enemy tanks and turrets. Look at the map to know where the enemy is located and head towards them. Once you spot the enemy shoot at them immediately with your bullets or if you need some more fire power, then fire your rockets. Shoot them down before they shoot you down. Once you have finished a level with satisfying points you move to the next difficult one.

Plane Shooting Games

Mustang Dogfight

During the world war two countries all across the globe were fighting each other. They were in land, sky and seas, fighting each other with all they got. You are one of those fighter plane pilots who was involved in dogfights high above the skies. Fly those WWII planes to take out scout planes of your enemies. Chase them and get behind their back to get a chance to shoot comfortably. If they get a chance they will make you go down.

Sky Fighters

You are at war in the sky with a lot of enemies. Get into your plane and fire your engine and fly in the air. A lot of enemy planes are at your way and you have to take them down with the help of your firepower. Shoot at them when the aim is perfect. Fly carefully and drop bombs and fire rockets when necessary. You also have different supplies and bonuses parachuted to you so do not forget to collect them as they help a lot in your air fighting.

Shooting Games
Alloy Arena Game
Attack of the Puppybots Game
Iron Man Armory Assault Game
Kilroy 2
Mustang Dogfight Game
Mutant Massacre Game
Sky Fighters Game
Springfield Snow Fight Game
Tactical Assasin Game
Thing Thing Arena 3 Game
Trech 2 Game
Vinnies Shooting Yard 5 Game

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