PC Racing Games

Heavy Metal Rider

Speed is what this girl loves along with some heavy metal music. So when the music plays the race begins for this girl. Take on the tracks that challenge you to the extreme. There are several levels of races which must be dominated by this heavy metal rider girl. Be the champion out of all the champions.

Turbo Heavy Metal Spirit

Ride through a sports arena in your powerful motorcycle. Race against other racers and be the winner of the race. You need a sense of control in the track and you also need to keep the speed under you control when you make the turns so that you do not go off the road. Beat the biking competition.

Police Racing Games

Police Pursuit

You are a cop and a hard working one. Your work is hard and you need to go through different risks in your daily life. In your daily duties you have to chase different criminals and help to catch them. It is no secret you are going to have some action. So when you see a suspect shown by the arrow, chase it and when in range, ram the suspect with your police car. Ram them hard enough that they cannot drive and escape anymore.

Hummer Rally

This 3d Hummer truck is all yours. But you don’t get to cruise around in it. Instead you have to race in a hummer rally. There are several modes of races but we recommend the Grand Prix. It will test your racing competitiveness. The graphics, the sound of the roaring engines and the excitement will steal your mind.

Car Racing Games

Age of Speed

Age of speed is a racing game with some the best available graphics. The game play is also quite fun and all the racing happens in tracks which are futuristic and fun. You also ride one of the most futuristic racing car which can go up to unbelievable speeds. So speed up and keep the vehicle on the track at all times or else you might fall off the edge. The competition will end when you reach the end of the track and try to be the first one to reach there.

Drift n Burn 365

When wars destroy this earth completely, mankind will move to the skies. In the skies big infrastructures will be built and roads will be constructed. In such tracks, races will take place with the help of future cars. These cars can go up to speeds which are unimaginable now. Taking such cars, you have to race in the tracks built in the sky to claim the ultimate title.

Drivers Ed 2

Learning how to drive has never been so fun. You get a driving instructor who will walk you through the basics of driving and take several driving tests. You need to practice and then take the real tests which will determine whether you are worthy of a driving license or not. So do you thing behind the wheel.

Bank Robber Escape

After robbing the bank, this robber has to make a getaway. The alarms in the bank has already been sounded and the cops have arrived. You need to escape in your escape vehicle by driving very fast. The cops will not let you go easily and do everything they can, in their power, to stop you.

Driving School GT

Learning to drive is one of the most fun thing that you can do. Here you have to take 15 levels of tests to earn your driver’s license. All those 15 levels will jointly include all the possible tests that you need to do which reflects the real life driving situations. Avoiding faily the tests. You fail if you hit other cars, hit people or crash somewhere else.

Drome Dual Canyon Zone

Race through the canyons, through eigth extreme laps of racing in the hot desert sun. You have an advanced racing vehicle, that is specially built for racing in such conditions. So twist and turn through the tracks and beat the racers with your speed.

Heatwave Racing

Sit in the drivers seat of a fast car and get ready to take part in Heatwave Racing, a competitive race that happens in tracks that can test your turning and racing skills. Other racers will not be easy to beat as they are perfect drivers. One mistake might push you really back making it hard to recover from the loss. So stay on the track and stay focused.

Street Ride

You are a risk taker as you love to take your bike around the street to perform several risky stunts. Select the rider that you want to represent and then go on a very interesting track that has objects placed all over it, which are just perfect to perform some stunts on. You have a five minute time limit and within this time you need to do all the trick in the book to earn as much points as possible.

Ultimate Raceway

A F1 race type racing car competition is going on and you need to take your yourself and your racing car to the tracks immediately. The race will be against other race car drivers who are professionals in racing, so you will have a tough time beating the competition. However, with superior driving and great control like yours, you will have no problem winning the race.

Rally Racing Games

Rally Point

In 3d, the graphics of this add a lot of value to the entire game play. After the lights say go, you need to fire up you engines and go as fast as possible. Make the turns without going out of the track. You have nitro boost if you are running out of time or have some straight road coming up ahead.

Ultimate Rally Challenge

Take part in rally races as it is a fun race along with some challenge that you must complete. You are going to drive a rally car that you will be racing against the clock. You have tons of cars to choose from and your driving skills will determine whether you complete the game.

Quad Extreme Racer

If you are interested in riding in a quad bike then we have a job for you. What you need to do is go through twenty one extreme levels of hurdles and complete each level by reaching the end point in one piece. Your quad bike can go on any terrain as long as the rider has a good grip on the bike.

Sandstorm Racing

You and five other dune buggy riders will go head to head trying to cross the laps first to be crowned as the winner. Speed up in the dry and hot desert, make the turns without going off the road and cross all the checkpoints. Become a professional dune buggy racer in Sandstorm Racing.

Truck Racing Games

Monster Truck Trials

Driving a monster truck is fun and is a dream of many. One may not always get a monster truck to drive but there are a lot of games featuring monster trucks. So no need to worry if you don’t get to ride a real monster truck. We have this game for you where you will be riding these giant vehicles with giant tyres. What you need to do is perform different activities with the trucks to complete several challenges listed out. Time will be a limiting factor but you know how it’s best to conserve time and complete missions.

Monster Truck Rampage

Get on your high-tech monster truck and go on an adventure attacking your enemies. Move your monster truck around in enemy territory and collect the cash bonuses when you have the chance and when you find them. There will be canons and other enemy shooters who are keeping their eye out for your. You need to dodge their fire and shoot at them with accuracy until they blow up.

Monster Racers

If you love racing with monster trucks then you have come to the right place. With awesome graphics and some great racing action, this is the game for you. The first thing that is awesome about this game is that there are Monster Trucks and those mean machines are competing against each other to win the supreme position. The graphics are just great and the game is totally in 3D. You will be surprised how addicting this game can get. Just use your best skills of racing and try to beat other monster trucks before they hit the finish line.

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