Best Puzzle Games

Iron Works

This is quite similar to the classic puzzle bubble game. Here instead of the bubbles you have to use the hot iron balls. Aim and shoot the iron balls towards their matching colored balls collecting on the top. Once you get three or more balls together they will disappear. You have to be fast in order to make all the balls disappear. If you fail the hot iron will fall down.

Straight Up Spinning

You need some quick thinking while you move the stick around. There is a time limit so you have to be quick when you move the stick around. You should prevent touching any of the walls. There are also several items in different stages that will help you to complete that stage. So be alert and quick while you move the rotating stick around the levels and help the stick reach the end of the level.

Brain Puzzle Games

Bratz Perfect Match

Finding the perfect match has never been that easy. So choose a Bratz girl and get into finding the perfect match. This time you have to match the tiles with their duplicates. Click on the tiles to turn them around and once you have found a matching tile press on the match button. There is a time limit and there are tiles which give you time bonuses. There are also wild cards which help you while finding matches.

Seaside Shuffle

Seaside Shuffle, A quite interesting shuffle game where you need to move around the sea shells and other items found near the seaside. You have to place three same type of sea shells to make them go away and when you do so you will get scored. There is a level bar which keeps on decreasing and once the level bar is empty it means you are out of time and the game is over. So quickly swap the shells and make sets of them.

Puzzle Games For Adults


Sudoku has always been a challenging and brain teasing puzzle game. Some would even classify it as an arcade game. Play this sudoku where you have to solve the big chinese puzzle filling up numbers in the correct places. Fill up numbers so that the numbers do not repeat in the rows and columns of large as well as the small boxes. Placing the numbers correctly in their spot from 1 to 9 will be quite difficult but solving this puzzle will get your sharp brain to use.

Globe Game

The globe game is an interesting game where you have to know about the knowledge of geography. You use your geographical knowledge about where each country is located. There are several round in the globe game where which deals with finding the countries, placing the countries, finding the correct flag of the countries and even more. You are given a name of a country and you have to locate it on the map or place the map of the country in the map of the world.

Traffic Jam

You have to get your red car out of the parking lot to the exit. But the problem is that the parking lot is quite packed and you have to solve this jam in order to get out of that place. You have to move around other cars and the other cars only move in the direction they are parked in. That means that the horizontal car moves horizontally only and the vertical car moves vertically only. So within the time limit you have to move all the cars out of the way of the red car so that it can get out to the exit safely.

Sexy Girl Connect

The picture of different anime girls are presented and you have to connect the common girls. Find the two exactly matching girls and then connect them using less than three lines. The points will be according to the number of lines that you use. So get into finding the correct pair of similar girls and then match them and join them using the lines that you can create.

Speed Dating

Dating has always been your thing and you are one of those who are quite successful in talking to girls and making them attracted towards yourself. Today you are into some speed dating and you plan to get lucky with some girls athat you meet in the club. So you go and talk to some girls and try to answer their questions correctly in order to get them to like you. Be quick while answering the question of girls and while talking with them as they are easily bored if you take a long time to talk. If your talking goes smooth you get yourself a date.

Puzzle Games For Kids

Air Balloon Rally

An amazing balloon racing puzzle. Take you balloon along with three other competing balloons around the world. See who goes first in the hot air balloon race. To make your balloon move you have to type the words or click on the available letters to form words. The faster you think and make words the faster your balloon moves ahead. Go on a hot air balloon rider across the world from one country to another.

Alpha Assault

There are evil tiles and they are trying to invade the castle. You have to protect the castle at all costs. To do so you have to click and drag across the letters to form words. Once you have created a word you have to click on the final word to confirm it. You can spend the earned coins to fight the evil using the power ups that it can buy. Once the experience meter fills you go to the next level. There are also several bonus tiles that you can unlock.

Funny Babysitter

The babysitter is at your home looking after the baby and you are simply bored. You think of different things that is possible to do around your home. So you start doing activities that leads to different things happening in the room. Watch how the babysitter interacts in some really funny way. After all you are a kid who loves these funny jokes.

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