NetEnt took advantage of the thrust of the new premiere of the saga (War for the Planet of the Apes, 2017), following the same strategy that it used previously with the launch of Jurassic Park.

The films are based on a science fiction book written by French author Pierre Boulle. The book was published in 1963 and the first film was released in 1968, starring Charlton Heston, and becoming a cult film.

We have to congratulate NetEnt for their original approach, creating a new concept by dividing the game in two. The left part of the screen is based on the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the right part is dedicated to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Planet of the Apes Slot Features

Planet of the Apes Slot is a very active game in which we can activate up to 4 different features. Below we explain when they will be activated and all their details.

Dual Function

Sometimes the Dual Function is activated before each spin, and if activated, it means that a symbol will be selected for each playing area. Each zone will have a different symbol, it can never be the same in both game areas. Nor can Wild and Scatter symbols be chosen. During this special feature, Planet of the Apes reels will only contain these two selected symbols and the remaining reels are left with the blanks.

If a symbol ends up landing in its corresponding area when the reels stop, it will stay there. However, if a symbol lands on the other playing area, it will move to the correct place in its area automatically. As long as any asset symbol appears, the reels will continue to spin.

Rise Bonus Function

This feature is activated when the Rise bonus symbol lands on the first reel. A bonus of extra coins will be obtained for each human or ape symbol that we have on the screen. It only applies within the Rise play area. The coin win obtained with the Rise Bonus feature is paid in addition to the winnings per bet line that have been obtained in the spin.

Dawn Bonus Function

The Dawn bonus feature will be activated if the Dawn bonus symbol lands on the last reel in the game. During this feature, the ape and human symbols will transform into the same symbol and will only appear in Dawn’s play area. If there are already one or more valid winning combinations, the selected symbol will be the symbol with the highest value of the combination if not another symbol is chosen at random.

Stacked Wild Function

If a reel is filled from top to bottom of wilds in the Rise game area, then the feature will be activated. The reel covered with wilds will double occupying the same position but in the Dawn area. You have a great opportunity! So much wild card together can potentially increase your chance of big wins.

Planet of the Apes Bonuses

Each game area has a set of scatters symbols. Each of the game sections requires three scatters to activate their free spins bonus. Each bonus has different characteristics, both in number of spins and in special functions.

Rise Free Spins. This is the simpler of the two rounds, and is based on collecting as many wild symbols as possible. Any Wilds that appear during the first nine Free Spins will be counted on a counter, apart from counting down the normal pay lines. On the last and 10th Free Spin, all the Wilds you have collected will be randomly placed on the reels, hopefully allowing you to make a significant number of wins. The number of free spins will always be 10, regardless of how many symbols have enabled the bonus round.

Dawn Free Spins. The second variant of the free spins is a bit more advanced and includes three special features: win multiplier, extra free spins and extra wild. You start with 15 free spins. Just as in the previous function we counted wild symbols, in this one we will have to count the 3 special characteristics. There will be a counter on the right of the screen for each of these functions. If you collect three identical items, the next level of special function will be activated. The win multiplier can be up to x5. Each new free spins level will award three free spins. As for the extra wild, it will turn any human symbol into wild.

Planet of the Apes Slot RTP

Like in the vast majority of NetEnt slot machines, we have different bet levels (from 1 to 10), with 20 of different value. In addition to this we also have different values ​​for the coins, which can range from € 1 cent to € 1.

That said, let’s get to the point: the minimum bet is 20 euro cents and the maximum can be up to € 200.

The RTP of this slot is 96.33% and it has high volatility. In addition, the luckiest players will be able to end up with a maximum win of 3,000 times their bet through the x5 multiplier during the Dawn Free Spins feature (the free spins on the right side of the screen.

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