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Ben 10 Alien Balls

Our hero kid, Ben 10 has found a crypt. In that crypt an evil machine which is used to make the eggs of Vilgax creatures is located. Those eggs must be destroyed and Ben 10 is the only hero kid who can do it. Help the amazing Ben 10 get rid of the Vilgax eggs, by gathering them in at least threes of the similar kind. Once you find the three or more same eggs make them disappear. The time is limited so hurry up and the number of eggs keep on increasing.

Ben 10 Cavern Run

Ben 10 is making a run through the various caves. However when he has to run the path to run is missing and he might fall down. But since ben 10 the kid with super powers has to somehow move from one end of the cave to it’s exit you need to utilize the magic want of this kid in order to draw him a path. So draw a path using the magic wand from the start to the end of the cave before this kid starts running.

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Ben 10 Fuel Duel

The hero alien kid that everyone wants to be is here. He is the kid that everyone likes and he performs several heroic activities on a regular basis. Today, Ben 10 is going to defuse some bombs. For that he needs to collect some green balls. So in each level, with the help of his cousin Gwen, Ben must finish the objectives and exit the level successfully. Ben can also use his alien power and convert into an alien once he has the abilities.

Ben 10 Spores Attack

Somehow the dangerous plants are seen all over the place and they are budding quickly. These plants hate the aliens and even our hero Ben 10, so these plants must be eradicated as quickly as possible. The plants must be stopped before they start to bud and take over the entire planet earth. Ben 10 can only do it and he shoudl sprinkle talc over these spore plants to stop them completely. The plants also have built up a defense mechanism allowing them to throw spores at their attacker so you must be careful from them.

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Ben 10 Cavern Run Game
Ben 10 Spores Attack Game
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