The new Jumanji game is certainly the perfect combination of the adventure and the real magic of playing the best slot games in the world. It is one of the unique games which have the chance to combine the board elements and the ultimate free spins mechanics. This is among the main reasons why players from all the corners of the world are choosing these kinds of slot games. You can play the Jumanji game at  BGT Casino

The idea of the new Jumanji slot games is inspired by the classical and famous movie Jumanji, which was produced in 1995. The reputed slot games company called NetEnt ensures that you are going to be involved in an ultimate aura of adventure and slot magical feeling of joy. NetEnt has come up with one of the best sets of slot symbols in its new slot game for sure. You can always discover more about the video slots reviews in detail here.

Jumanji Game Symbols

Jumanji game was designed on many jungle symbols. They are all about cards of A, K, Q, and J in addition to many symbols concerning animals like crocodiles, pelicans, lions, and rhinos. Just like the world of the real Jumanji, which you have used to watch in your childhood for sure. One of the most valuable symbols is the latter. We are going to learn more about the game-winning bonus in the next lines.

Jumanji Bonuses

• Sticky Vines: Symbols that come with winning can easily be achieved once you activate the Sticky vines. In addition to that, you will have the ultimate winning of the other entire wild from the first spinning for sure.

 • Monsoon Wilds: This pillar can handle you one of the most surprising outcomes. Since the wild symbols are going to cover one or two reels once you trigger the fascinating monsoon wilds.

 • Stampede: It is all about a rhino that is going to start running during the spinning of the reel. They are going to leave within 4 to 9 consecutive wilds.

 • The Monkey Mayhem: When the reels come to a halt, you are going to witness a real award from the Monkey Mayhem feature. The reel’s symbols are going to be shuffled uniquely.

 • The Board Game: It stands for getting four spins on the screen. You would have to roll a dice two times, one of the previous dices need to stand on the specific location of the unique features.

 • Mystery Feature: According to the board game, when the token is landing on the specific magic location, the feature is going ultimately to get triggered. Accordingly, free spins are going to be shown due to the circle of Jumanji. The carousel is going to spin and the players I going to achieve the winning award according to where the carousel is going to end its spinning trip.

Jumanji Slot RTP

Get involved in one of the most fabulous games in the world of slot machines. The wide variety of the most adventurous Jumanji symbols is going to make you manifest your greatness in on the best adventure ever. Hope you enjoyed reading this Jumanji game review and will give this slot game a try soon. In the meantime, we recommend you read other slot reviews, such as Jack and the Beanstalk Slot.







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