Food Games For Kids

Hugh Shop

You are an owner of a hit fruit shop. You must work around the clock to ensure that you shop has an ample supply of fruits for the customers to buy. You will get the fruits from the big tree. Fruits from the tree drop towards the ground and you must get them before they hit the ground. Only then, you will be able to sell those fresh fruits. We have a full section about kids games, which we recommend you have a look.

Fast-Food Games

Burger Restaurant 2

You are the owner of a new burger place. People come to get a bite every now and then in your burger shop. You are the only staff of your place and you need to work around the clock to keep your customers happy. Give them the burger with the specific ingredients that your customers desire. You need to provide them with their lunch before they get too impatient of waiting. The more customers that you satisfy the higher profit you earn due to the good reputation that this helps building.

Making Food Games

Perfect Pizza

A brand new pizza parlor has opened and you are the owner of this pizza place. This pizza place is now one of the most popular one in town and there are lots of hungry customers who come to this pizza place to have the most exquisite pizza. You have to use your great pizza making skills in order to get all the ingredients of the pizza right. Use your skills to make some delicious pizzas which have all the correct ingredients that the customers demand.

Food Games
Burger Restaurant Game