Ninja Fighting Games

Karate Blazers

You are a great warrior and you have the skills of karate fighting. The enemies come in infinite numbers and you have to fight and defeat them all with your karate skills. Stop the enemy attacks for as long as possible using your karate fighting skills and you quick moves. See how many enemies you can beat. You have the choice to select a karate fighter out of the many available who are named Glen, Akira, Mark and Gil. As one of these strong warriors beat up your enemies on the streets.

Best Fighting Games

Crazy Flasher 2

You are one of those fighters who have fought their entire life to be known as a great fighter. Till date you have fought and won many fights and you are recognized as the strongest fighter in the eastern sector of the Chendu Industrial Park. You are not done as your mission is to be the best fighter recognized all over the world. You are a great fighter who is contracted to kill and eliminate the hooligans from the streets and you also show no mercy to those who make you kill and eliminate them too.

Crazy Flasher 3

The third installment of the crazy flasher series. In this part you try to become the king of the local death matches. Fight the local thugs in a fight to the death battle. You have to beat each and every one of them in order to gain the title of the king. So get into fighting right away and start beating up the local thugs one by one. Attack carefully and defend yourself from their attacks so that your health will not decrease. Use weapons for your advantage.

Stickman Fighting Games

Rage Game

Rage is something one needs to control as it causes a lot of problems. But for this stick dude rage is his strength and he uses it to fight bad guys. So take this angry stick figure and his variety of moves to fight, defend against and finally defeat the opposite army of stick dudes who are just as angry as him (may be a little less angry).

Girl Fighting Games

Escape Rehab

This famous singer must get out of the Rehab because she does not like it in there. She is a great talent and she thinks that she will do ok without the rehab. But she is getting stopped by hulk like creatures and other crazy people who are in the rehab. So she must jump and punch and attack everyone trying to stop her from escaping the rehab.

2 Player Fighting Games

GWA Wrestling Riot

A wrestling match is going on an the fight is going to be quite intense. It is for the wrestling heavyweight championship of the world and both the fighters want that championship belt. The two wrestlers fighting it out for the title are Pain King and Steel Toe. Both of these two are very strong warriors and they seem to be equally strong. You need to choose a fighter out of these two and then get into the ring and start the match.

Anime Fighting Games

Anime Fighting Jam

An anime fighting action is going on and various anime characters have come to fight each other and possibly win to be crowned as the champion. The anime characters are from the famous anime Naruto and you will find several characters for this show. Choose your favorite fighter and then begin the fighting action as you move, dodge, block, jump and attack at the right times. Use your special moves to hit some power attacks. Find more anime games here.

Dragon Ball Z Fight

The awesome and powerful characters from the anime series dragon ball Z are here. They are warriors with super powers that they can use to beat their opponent. They can even fly and throw powerballs that can inflict some serious damage. These warriors are fighting each other and you need to pick one of them and involve yourself in the fight.

Anime Fighting Jam
Crazy Flashers Game
Karate Blazers Game
Rage Game
Dragon Ball Z Fight Game