Barbie Dress Up Games

Barbie Night Gowns

Barbie doll, the princess of everyone’s heart, has a big collection of night gowns. The gowns are elegant and each and every one of those gowns fit well on our doll. She needs the best one out of the collection to be on her today. After the gown selection go for some makeups and accessories.

Celebrity Dress-Up Games

Beauty Resort

Beauty resort is a popular place in town where people from everywhere come to have a relaxing time. During this time, they try to make themselves look and feel better by doing all the shop can provide. Fill the dreams of the clients to look very beautiful as you are the person who runs this popular resort.

Blake Lively Makeover

Blake Lively is a sweet american actress who has starred in a popular drama series in television. She is known for her beautiful looks. Well luck has just turned your way because this actress has asked you to do her make ups. You need to make her face look bright and pretty with the correct amount of makeups applied. Her new look should be better that anyone else.

Lady Gaga Dress Up

Dress up the famous Lady who sings and dresses up quite differently than others and is quite famous all over the world. Dress up none other than the famous Lady Gaga herself in her weird yet amusing fashion clothes and get the groove on. Make sure to make this celebrity Lady Gaga look like herself understanding her different fashion choice.

Lindsay Lohan Dress Up

Lindsay Lohan is quite stylish and we all know it. So get a chance to become the personal stylist of this stylish girl. Get a chance to select the outfits for the famous celebrity Lindsay Lohan. Select the best outfit which will be possible only if you select the right suiting top and a matching bottom. Also add some accessories like purses and goggles in order to make this celeb look outstanding.

Shakira Make Up

The international singer Shakira is looking for a make up. Will you be willing to do this important job? You need to give a celebrity a new look. This is a big responsibility because of the number of eyes that is on this celeb. So give Shakira a proper makeover, adding to her beauty.

Taylor Swift Makeover

Taylor Swift is a grammy award winning American country pop singer-songwriter and actress. She is also a very beautiful girl with really cute looks that can get anyone fall in love with her. So get ready to do a makeover for such a famous girl. Apply all the makeups, lipsticks, earrings, eye-lashes, and different other cosmetics on Taylor Swift. See the before and after in order to view the changes you have made to the looks of Taylor Swift.

Fashion Dress-Up Games

Military Girl

This girl is in the military and being a member of the army she has different duties that she needs to fulfill. But while not on duty she likes to dress up and make up and stay in fashion even while working as a military. Well that is how girls are and so you need to help her out dressing up in stylish military outfits. Do her hair, select some nice tops and a nice pair of pants for her. Get her a new pair of boots as well.

Military Girl Dress Up

When you are in the military, you have little or no time to opt-in to the latest fashion trends. This girl, is from the military and she wants to use her limited time available to dress up in the military fashion clothes. You need to help her look great. If what you like is the rush of the game, in which you have to think fast, we also have some food games you might be interested in.

X Men Girl

A girl from the famous X-Men team is here. She is a mutant with special powers and using those power she can do amazing things. Today this mutant girl is not going to show us her special powers but instead she is going to tell us about her fashion needs. Dress up this x-men girl in fashionable clothes that make her look like an awesome member of the X Men.

Disney Princess Dress Up Games

Princess Dress up

Our princess here is quite pretty and her royal highness has selected you to be the dresser for the princess. You are the designated one to select this important person some nice dresses. She needs nice clothes so that her royal personality can reflect on her looks as well. You are an expert fashion designer aren’t you? Try out what you know about fashion on this princess.

Fairy Dress-Up Games

Winx Bloom

Get a chance to dress the beautiful fairy from the winx team. This beautiful fairy has a handsome fairy waiting for him and to match her style for the handsome fairy she has to be fashionable and wear dashing clothes. So open up her closen and select her a dress or a nice top and matching bottom. You can put accessories on her like earrings, necklaces, pearls, specs and others. Get her a nice pair of shoes also. Once you are done your fashion

Wedding Dress Up Games

Saras Super Spa

Sara is an expert in running a Spa. She has a lot of customers coming in daily to enjoy their time in the spa. Sara must fulfill the needs of all the customers to keep her business in profit. You must help her run the spa by taking the customers to places where they desire in the spa and providing them the necessary relaxing services.

Anime Dress Up Games

Cute Girl Dressup

This girl is one of the most cutest among all the girls made in anime. She has a beautiful skin tone and her hair is also great. Her body structure is almost perfect and her beauty can be referred to as one of the best creation. This cute girl also loves some great outfits. She has different collections of hairstyles, tops, bottoms, jewelry and shoes. Out of those different collection select the best one for the cute girl. You can also select her skin tone and a nice background where you fashion creation is to be displayed.

Naruto Dressup

Dress up the character Naruto and make him look cool. You have the option to dressup this dude in different outfits. you get different shorts, pants, and some nice clothes to try on Naruto. There are also accessories like wrist bands, goggles and many more. Just make Naruto look cool and give him a new look different than his common one.

Yoko Dress Up

A pretty girl wants you to select her dress for her. She has many and you have to choose one. After you have selected her dress, you need to do her hairstyle, makeups etc. You also get a chance to select shoes for her and you can make her wear additional accessories like necklaces to make her look even prettier.

Party Dress-Up Games

Prom Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is a celebrity who has starred in different popular films like Evil Hands, The Love Guru (with Austin Powers), Sin City, Honey, The Fantastic four and many other hit films. She is also known as one of the most beautiful woman of the world and is desired by many. Her beauty is breath taking and everyone who knows her finds her beautiful and pretty. Dress up this famous girl Jessica Alba in prom clothes.

Christmas Party Dressup

It is the time of the year when the holidays begin and people are merry and happy. This time of the year is for partying and having the all deserved fun. A pretty young girl is getting ready for one of the most happening parties in the city. She needs a get up that will make her one of the most desired girl in the party.

Cinema Star

A celebrity is here and she is a cinema star. She is a popular face on the big screen and she has a lot of fan followings. There are at least a thousand eyes on her wherever she goes and she is able to catch those eyes because she has got the best look. Her look is praised by many and she tends to stay updated with all the latest fashion gizmos. This time, the cinema star has turned upon you to provide her a nice gown. Work hard to choose a nice dress for her and while you are at it, make some changes to her outlook to give her the classiest look possible.

Dance Dress Up

Dancing is one of those activities which is an art and is loved by many. A dancer girl is here with us today. She likes to wear fancy clothes and some accessories to spice up her look. So try and make this dancer girl awesome before she goes out to dance and enjoy her time.

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