Car Games For Kids

Park Master 2

You are a parking guy in a parking area. Different people come to park their car and they leave it to you to safely place the car in the parking spot. So drive the car of your customers and take it safely to park. There will be a time limit within which you must finish the job. You also must ensure that the car is not scratched or does not hit anything else while parking. So do not hit any one walking around the area or other vehicles that may damage the car.

Car Racing Games

Triple X Mission

Based on the movie Triple X, you are the hero Triple X who has to fulfill an important mission. The entire country is depending upon you, as you are the only one who can stop the country from destruction and damage. The enemy is also attacking with their full power and they are quite organized. It will take a lot out of you to stop the enemy attacks and be a hero of the country.

Car Designing Games

Pimp My Lambo

A Lamborghini is no doubt one of the most luxurious car of this century. The car is known for its beautiful design and its powerful interiors. Anyone who drives this car will get an up in their social class. It is a rare opportunity that one gets to modify this car. You have that opportunity now and you need to pimp out the Lamborghini to give it the look that you want. It’s always nice being able to dream about your car and design it, even if it’s just a game! You can also find more games of this type here.

Moto Rush

Choose among different motorbike, and other rides, customize them in your garage and hit the race terrain. You can also select timed mode or a few opponents to race against. Whatever you do you have to be careful in the sloppy road, while at the same time performing tricks while in the air. Do a superman, a front and a back flip and show what you are made of. Also you can increase your speed with the help of nitro booster. Finish the race till the end and if you land incorrectly and are in an accident then you have to start from the beginning.

Car Crash Games

Traffic Slam

Here you not only go in blazing fast speeds, but you also use your speed to cause absolute mayhem to other vehicles and the total arena available for you. You can destroying anything that comes in your path with the help of your high speed slams. You can use nitros to further increase your speed hence increasing the power of your slams.

Offroad Car Games

Offroad Transporter

You hae a nice jeep that you can modify. You can change its parts to make it go faster and in order to make the driving more smooth. You are a ladies man and you have three dates. But those dates will not be always waiting for you. You have to meet them on time. For that you need to drive really fast because time is running out

Stealing Car Games

Mafia Driver 3

Work for the mafia for the third time in row and do all the dirty jobs as their Mafia Driver. This time the mob has called upon their trusty driver to collect their lost money. Yes, the Mafia has lost their money and you need to go out and collect the money in the streets. Cruise around the city in your awesome mob car and then collect the money and handle different situation that come upon you.

Mafia Driver 3 Game
Moto Rush Game
Offroad Transporter Game
Park Master 2 Game
Traffic Slam Game