Action games are always a good choice, as it involves a variety of challenges such as reaction-time and hand-eye coordination. If you are interested in action games, you can always find out more here. We have three batman action games reviewed for you. Batman games are very popular.

Batman Dangerous Buildings

Batman Dangerous Buildings, Batman, the dark knights, is Gotham’s only superhero and this time the city is in danger again and batman is called upon. He needs to climb up the dangerously tall buildings in order to fight the joker but this is not going to be an easy task for Batman. Help him climb on top of the buildings by making him jump at the right time to reach the cog above him. There are five dangerous tall towers that you need to help him climb. But beware of the nemesis of Batman, The Joker who will try to stop him at any cost.

Batman Mystery of the Batwoman

Batman Mystery of the Batwoman, Batman is quite curious about the mysterious Batwoman. He is on a pursuit of this Batwoman, and he had a trail to her. But later he found out that she has been captured by the evil army of the Penguin. Now it is Batman’s responsibility to find her and rescue her. But before he can do that he must fight the Henchmen of Penguin and beat them all up. In the end who knows Batman might or might not know who this mysterious Batwoman is.

Batman Skycreeper

Batman Skycreeper, Batman was engaging in a fight with the Joker and now he is trapped behind two tall skyscrapers. He needs to get out of there but the Joker is throwing all kinds of heavy stuffs on the dark night. Batman has to use those heavy concrete blocks and metal beams to climb to the top of the building so that he can reach the Joker and end his crime for good. You need to be careful and plan ahead while climbing on the blocks.

Batman Dangerous Buildings Game
Batman Mystery of the Batwoman Game
Batman Skycreeper