Best Adventure Games

Mario Gunman

Mario is at trouble again because the army of Bowser the evil dragon and Bowser himself has attacked in the bank of Mario and has stolen his each and every coin saved at the bank. Now bowser plans to capture the princess who has been staying with Mario. Their armies are attacking the tower of Mario and Mario has to use the advantage of the height to take out all the attacking enemies.

Super Mario Kart Extreme

Select between Mario or Luigi to go on a Kart ride adventure. This adventure takes you through different places where you meet different characters from the mushroom kingdom and other related games. You need to avoid them in order to keep your kart damage free. Once you think there are too many enemies on the screen, hit the Nitro and then you go really fast and knock all those enemies out of your way. However, if you like old classic games, we recommend you to try Jumanji, a video slot that won’t let you down!

Monster Hunt

We have here Robina who is a beautiful and equally skillful archer who stole from the rich and then provided the supplies to the monsters. But then Robina realized that it was really wrong to help the monsters who began to attack the kingdom and so she takes on a journey to hunt down monsters. There are several types of monsters who attacks our heroin robina and she has to use her trusty bow and arrow to aim and fire at those monsters killing them instantly.

Pokemon Adventure Games


Get ready to ride on a pokemon, the mysterious creatures with amazing powers. This pokemon can fly and you are its master. Ride on him and go on an adventure collecting pokeballs which give you points. You get different points for collecting different types of ball. But you will have to face the threats posed by other pokemons.

Hidden Object Adventure Games

Pirates of the Caribbean

Elizabeth Swann has been captured by Captain Barbosa. You are Will Turner and are desperate to rescue your love. So you go to the hideout of Captain Barbosa and fight the dangerous ghost pirates. Use your sword and climb up the different hurdles to rescue Ms. Swann. Fight the ghost pirates on the way and it is not easy to climb up on platforms with different difficulties set out so that it is hard for anyone to enter. Be careful as the life of your love is on the line here.

Santa Rush

Well it is time for Santa to rush through the snow in is snowmobile so that he is not late for Christmas. The world will be in peril if Santa is late for Christmas so help him ride fast. He also needs the gifts to deliver to the kids so help him collect the gifts on the way.

Car Adventure Games

Monster Truck Curfew

You have in your possession a large monster truck that can destroy anything in its path. But you have a curfew back at home and you must return before the clock strikes twelve. You are already late and so you need to speed up the truck a bit to reach your place on time. But if you cause mayhem on the road, the cops will come and get you. Interested on driving games? Then you need to have a look at our selection of car games!

Puzzle Adventure Games

Phantom Mansion The Indigo Dungeon

Hector has to get out of the indigo dungeon. You need to guide hector through the various rooms and help him collect all the souls. Once all the souls has been collected hector can come out of the room and reach a new one. Different things can be done inside the dangerous rooms like pushing the boxes to bridge the gaps, use the switches to make things happen. Once you do everything right a level ends.

Kids Adventure Games

Run Bolt Run

Play as Bolt one of the Disney characters. You need to run around, jumping and moving fast and collect coins. There will be villains who will try to create problems so you need to fight them off. The target of this game is to rescue Penny.

Level Up

This is a fine little adventure game featuring a boy anime character who needs to figure out what is going on. After solving the mystery, our main character will be able to find out how he got there and what had happened. But it is not that easy. You must work hard by collecting gems and items, collecting clues and by putting them all together.

William and Sly

Sly is a little fox who is hungry for adventure. This little fox is commanded by his master William. The master orders the fox to do different tasks and the fox must go on adventures to do such tasks. There will be dangers in the missions and the fox that you control must be careful. So enjoy this cool

Lilo And Stitch Kauai Caper

Stitch is planning a secret birthday party for Lilo. But it is not as easy as it sounds as there are different items that stich must collect for the perfect birthday party. So help Lilo find the clues by snooping around and then exchange those items for different things which are suitable for the party. Stitch needs to make all the gifts for his favorite Lilo so get into work to collect the gifts. Also get a birthday card, A nice hakulei crown and a tasty birthday cake for the birthday bash.

Rollercoaster Rush

Getting on the roller coaster and riding it is quite a fun and a thrilling experience. It might be scary for some and not so scary for others, but getting on a rollercoaster ride is desired by many. Well you are one of those people who is responsible for making the dangerous rides on the rollercoaster safe for people. You are a rollercoaster brakeman. You need to keep in mind that the riders come in for excitement and you have to provide them as much excitement as possible while keeping it all safe. If you are able to make your passengers on the roller coaster happy, more new passengers will come to get a ride on your exciting roller coaster.

Mario Gunman Game
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Monster Hunt Game
Pirates of the Caribbean Game
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Santa Rush Game