9 Dragons

9 Dragons, You are an action hero who likes to take on enemies all alone. The enemies are in large numbers and you are the only warrior standing in their way. They all come towards you, you need to stop them before they reach you. Use your weapons to stop them on their way.

Fantastic Four Rush Crush

Fantastic Four Rush Crush, Doctor Doom the nemesis of the Fantastic Four has done it again. He has kidnapped three out of the four members of the fantastic four. The only remaining member who managed to escape what The Thing. He must now rescue his super hero mates. He is a strong member of the team and he must use his strength wisely to destroy the evil robots of Doctor Doom.

Golden Treasure of the Pharaoh

Golden Treasure of the Pharaoh, is about spinning various graphics in the machine and then waiting for it to bring you a series of winning graphical arrangements. The graphics or theme of this is based on ancient Egyptian elements such as Pyramids and Sphinx. You will also find graphics such as camels and other desert related items. Select the number of lines for which your winnings will be awarded and the spin the machine. If you get matching graphics in a certain order, you win credits. All your winnings depend upon your luck.

Kings Island

Kings Island, In the Kingdom of the great King Malificus, a terrible riot has begun. But this great king has done everthing to keep the people happy including not collecting taxes for 3 years now and also provided his people with grain to eat. At this same time the Kingdom is at a war with the evil King Artus. So be the warrior to help the King in tension filled times like this. Be a good knight and take care of the rebels.

Miami Shark

Miami Shark, When sharks meet people we know that it will be an absolute disaster. We have watched movies like Jaws and we know about what might happen. But this game is not that scary at all. You control a shark and that means you are the powerful one. You will have to crash into innocent people and their boats. You will have to do as much damage as you can. Jump up the water, fly high and crash land into objects to make the blowing up even more spectacular. See how much bonus you can earn when everything is over.

Star Wars Rattatak

Star Wars Rattatak, This is a tribute to the original star war series. You are the great Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker. You must use your Jedi fighting skills to confront Sith warriors by taking them on a one on one fight. Today you are going to fight Asajj Ventress. In the arena you have a lightsaber that you will use to battle your opponent. So be quick in using your weapon for attacking, dodge the attacks or even clash the light sabers. Emerge victorious at the end.

A Stitch In Time 2

A Stitch In Time 2, It is time to travel to the past before the villians actually conquer the present and future. When something is fixed during the past it should not be cried upon in the future. This is exactly what kim plans to do as she fights villians in the past. She fights the villians with her might and her fighting skills and agility. Jump around, push blocks as support and collect bonuses and extra lives as you fight others.

Age of War

Age of War, The time right now is the age of the dinosaurs and caveman. War has come upon the lands as the cavemen of different caves try to battle it out with others in order to gain power and control over the rich nourishing lands. The goal here is to destroy the enemy cave as you send out your cavemen to do so. There are 5 ages and you move up to the next age by increasing your XP points. Build defence and offence to ensure the victory of your group and use special attacks for special purposes. Also repair your damaged cave base when you have the time.

Dad n Me

Dad n Me, Your dad was a bully and now you are a bully. So as a bully your duty is to show everyone who is the boss. Walk in the streets beating up those helpless kids and others in the streets. They will tend to run away from you but you will have to grab them and beat them up one by one. Enjoy the fun of beating up people and then go as far as you can. Cause disturbances in the streets and use your rage for stronger attacks. See if you can beat up other bullies as well.

King of Fighters Wing 2

King of Fighters Wing 2, One of the best flash remake of the classic king of fighters game. This was one of the popular game of the nineties and the newer versions of the king of fighters series are still produced. This is a remake where you can select different fighters from the king of fighters game and Ryu from street fighter series is also featured as a fighter in this remake. After selecting your fighter, get on a battle against others and use your power moves and your special moves effectively defeating your opponent. There are several game modes such as 1 player vs CPU, 1 player vs 2 player, cpu vs cpu, and training mode. You can watch the how to play to learn to play and you can also config your keys. Fighters such as Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, K’, Kula, Moriya and Ryu are featured. There are four more unlockable characters. You can always find more fighting games on our section of this website.

Marvel vs DC

MARVEL-VS-DC, Marvel and DC has been two most popular and influential comic book publishers since a long time now. They are the two comic book publishing companies who has produced awesome superheroes such as Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine, Batman, Hulk, Green Lantern etc. Comics published by both these companies are a hit. The movies based on those comics and characters are also a hit. But who is the absolute supreme in the field of comics and superheroes. We may never know that. But this game tries to give us an experience on what would happen if the characters from Marvel and DC went against each other.

Transformers Stronghold

Transformers Stronghold, Megatron and his army of Decepticons have landed and they have reached the Autobot’s LG stronghold. This is the deciding day for the transformers and they have to fight the decepticons. To beat off the decepticons and their evil army, the heroes must successfully deploy the autobot defenses. You need to use all your strategy and all your brain and plant your autobots in strategic locations in order to defend from the attacks of the decepticons.

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